Friday, August 31, 2012

Mission & Purpose

It is a regret of mine that since first coming to Phoenix I haven’t kept some kind of a record of my hikes. From the great urban parks in the city, to the surrounding areas (Superstitions, etc.), while I have beautiful photographic records, other details of my hikes have been lost…But no longer.

Climbing Camelback is my favorite for a challenging, relatively quick, any-time hike. In the 20 – 30 times that I’ve ascended our city’s signature mountain, each hike has posed something unique: The euphoria of being at the right place at the right time and snagging a parking spot (arguably the most challenging part of a Camelback climb!), losing a hiking glove along the way, seeing a huge green snake, delays due to mountain rescues, getting caught in a monsoon…

Then there’s the logistics: How long did the climb take? What was the prevailing weather? The best days will be documented with plenty of pictures too.

 And don’t think it’s just Camelback…other hiking adventures will be posted on here as well.