Saturday, December 1, 2012

Weather's (a little) Cooler - Trails Even More Crowded

Hike time:  32 minutes to the summit

Weather:  65°, sun

About this hike:  Cooler weather, a week after Thanksgiving, the fact the trail's closing in little over a month—these are things that spur hikers on to Echo Canyon.  Needless to say, I took the shuttle today.  Was a crowded, but uneventful hike.  I was able to force my way thru the crowds and rarely stopped, so taking more than 30 minutes was a disappointment.  Summit was crowded and obnoxious...I heard an attempt at a capella group beltin out the Titanic theme song, witnessed an imitation of J.D. & Turk's (from Scrubs) pastime, "Eagle", and found some lost keys on the way down.  Glad they weren't mine.  I did report them to the ranger...such a nice guy :-)