Saturday, May 16, 2015

Cool on Camelback this Morning

Weather:  65°, overcast

Time:  34 minutes

About this hike:   Been a long time since I've been to Camelback.  The unseasonably cool temps would've spurred me on to a sub-30 minute time in another life.  Today my out of shape-ness showed through.  Regardless, it felt good to place my feet on the Camel's back again.

The cool temps were brought on by heavy rain last night and low clouds hung all around the Valley.  Made for some nice scenery.

When I arrived parking was fairly easy to come by, but when I was leaving people were fighting for spots.  Soon as I approached my car I had two people chasing me down for the spot.  They ended up boxing me in and making it a challenge to back out.  Meanwhile a park ranger stood by screaming at standing vehicles.  I was glad to get out of that melee.

All in all a good, safe hike.