Saturday, June 20, 2015

Harsh Morning on Camelback

Weather:  97°, sunny

Time:  46 minutes

About this hike:   This unrelenting heatwave is definitely taking a toll on my climbing time.  I may have set a new record for the longest time getting up Camelback.  That said, when it's this hot you've gotta hike smart.  That means stopping whenever your  body tells you to do so.

Anyway, it was nice to be back at Camelback.  As I've said countless times before, the hot weather makes getting a parking spot easy.

Memorable from today--I got stung by a bee on my way down.  It got between my backpack and stung me on the lower back.  Thankfully I carry a first aid kit and treated it best I could.  So far it doesn't even really hurt anymore; here's hoping it'll be a non-issue.  And thank God it wasn't like a swarm of killer bees or something.  I guess I'll live.