Friday, November 23, 2012

Cholla & Baggage

Hike time:  40+ minutes to summit

Weather:  ~73°, sun to twilight

About this hike:  Went with a friend, and we couldn't get parking at Echo Canyon.  We found a spot on Invergordon Road and took the Cholla Trail up.  I hate that trail.  It's no challenge, and it's boring compared Echo.  He was tired and slow, and overall, I feel this hike is hardly worth mentioning.  Had a group of PHX EMTs in front of us mapping out the Cholla trail, as they expect increased traffic (and likely injuries/rescues!) in upcoming months.  Echo Canyon will close in January while a much overdo reconfiguration of the parking area is completed.  I hope this alleviates some of the cluster that is the current parking situation.