Monday, October 26, 2015

#MotivationMonday - Camelback Echo Canyon

Weather:  90°, sunny, breezy

Time:  31 minutes

About this hike:  Took advantage of cooler (relatively speaking!) temps to do a late afternoon hike after work.  Interesting observation—the Echo Canyon trail is shaded quite a bit in the afternoon.  Despite temps that are similar to a July morning the heat doesn't feel near as oppressive.  This may have to do with the time of year and angle of the sun as well.

Regardless, this was an enjoyable hike.  Parking was plentiful when I arrived, but by the time I was getting off the mountain the main lot had filled up a bit—still not impossible to find a space though.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Back at Camelback

Weather:  83°, partly cloudy

Time:  32 minutes

About this hike:  Ahh the weather is getting cooler and the tourists are descending on the Valley.  It was crowded at Echo Canyon this morning.  Determined to do Camelback today, I ended up getting a parking spot at my secret location down the road :)

The stern park ranger and "Lot Full" sign at the Echo Canyon entrance was unnecessary.  After my ~10 minute walk to the trailhead I noted several parking spots available.  When I finished my hike parking was a non-issue.  But whatever, my car is safer in my secret location...

Overall this was an enjoyable hike on somewhat crowded trails.  Every now and then a cool breeze served as a little air conditioning.  Always good to be back at my favorite red sandstone mountain.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Post-Rain Piestewa

Weather:  83°, partly cloudy, very windy

Time:  27 minutes

About this hike:  I awoke this morning to the glorious sound of (un-forecast) rain.  The wet weather was all forecast to hit later today or tomorrow.  It poured for a bit then the sun came out.  I was inspired by the lower temps to go for a hike.

Piestewa was fairly empty for a weekend morning, especially when you factor in cooler temps.  It was a nice hike and I made good time with precious few stops.  As is typical with desert soil, the trails were dry despite the previous rain.

Around the time I was coming off the mountain some very heavy wind gusts picked up. I was nearly knocked off balance a few times, but gratefully returned to the trailhead unscathed.  Clouds hung low around the Valley while the sun shone over CenPho.  There was haze to the south that I can only think was dust.  To be honest, with the wind gusts I'm surprised a big dust storm wasn't kicked up.

Overall a very enjoyable hike.