Saturday, January 5, 2013

First Camelback Climb of 2013 & Probably Last for a While...

Hike time:  35 min. to summit

Weather:  ~40º & sunny

About this hike:  Tough!! I don’t know if I’m out of shape after having not done this the past few weeks, or if the colder weather got to me or what. Parking lot was full, but it wasn't too busy and I didn't have to deal with traffic jams and loads of tourists. That said, my time today was awful. I experienced pain in my throat, ears, and head which I can only attribute to the cold.

Upon reaching the summit I got to enjoy the Christmas tree (a little late!) that I've seen every year now since 2011.  However, I was sick to my stomach, and also found myself breathing heavier than normal today.  It's disappointing when you consider I was conditioned to make this hike in the 100º heat of summer. Regardless, this is one of the last weekends to tackle Camelback Echo Canyon trail before it is closed and majorly improved, including the parking nightmare. A little pain is definitely worth it in the end.

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