Saturday, May 25, 2013

Horton Spring Trail

Weather:  82°, sunny, slight breeze

About this hike:  Horton Spring trail is just off Highway 260, near Kohl's Ranch (~20 miles north of Payson).  Trail head parking can get tight, but just up the road is a U.S. Forest Service -maintained paved parking area with plenty of spaces and latrines.  Best part is, no Tonto Pass needed to park here.    

It's 8-10 miles out and back from the Horton Spring Trailhead to the actual spring.  This hike was well worth it.  Mostly easy overland trails lead through magnificent ponderosa pine forest and alongside Horton Creek.  The trees must've been oozing sap during my visit, because the forest smelled very fragrant.

The trail ends at Horton Spring and you can actually see where the spring gushes from the side of the mountain.

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