Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dry & Clear with a Little Water on Piestewa Peak

Weather:  91°, sun, low humidity, slight breeze

Time to summit:  26.5 minutes

About this hike:  Again the stopwatch app read just over 27 minutes.  I took a few breaks and there was at least one traffic/congestion stop on the trail.  Saying it was a sub-27 minute time is pushin' it, but I'll claim it.  Weather was beautiful, surprisingly not too hot, low humidity, and pollution seemed relatively low...definitely a rare August day in PHX.

Memorable today, this little kid—I'd say about 6-7 years old—loudly announced he had to pee.  After making everyone on the summit turn around, he proceeded to water the north side of the mountain, then announced, "OK, you all can look again...where's the soap so i can wash my hands?!"  I should've offered him my hand sanitizer that's religiously strapped to my hiking pack.  Anyone who knows me knows I don't leave home without a bottle.  Regardless, this kid and his comments were quite entertaining.

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