Saturday, November 16, 2013

Superstition Flatiron

Weather:  67°, overcast, wind, rain threatening

About this hike:  First time in over a year at Superstition.  Dark clouds covered the mountain as we drove east along 202.  Driving thru Mesa, a few rain drops began hitting the windshield.  Brought back chilling memories to the first time I ever attempted (unsuccessfully) to climb Superstition.  Rain changing to graupel/snow ended that hike early.

Yesterday turned out being a little better weather-wise.  The clouds eventually gave way to some sunshine.  I don't think the temperature ever made it over 70 degrees, which is fine for a very vertical hike.  The wind, on the other hand, could've been a little less.

I didn't take the time, but we made the Flatiron rim in less than two hours.  Every time I visit Superstition Mountain I'm reminded what an otherworldly, truly beautiful place this is, only a 40 mile drive from Phoenix.  I really need to visit more than once a year...

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