Saturday, February 1, 2014

Welcome Back...

Weather:  55°, overcast/sun, breezy

About this hike:  Saturday Dec. 28, 2013 was the last time I wrote in here—and for a good reason.  It was the last time I was able to hike.  That evening I had an unfortunate accident that left me with a broken arm/wrist.  Thankfully it wasn't a super-serious fracture. Now exactly five weeks later, I'm mostly better and decided it was time to tackle my mountain again.  Admittedly, I did go up to Phoenix Mountain Preserve once a couple weeks ago and hike a few of the easier side trails I've always wanted to do—in the past the summit has always beckoned me away.

My arm is still in a removable splint, and so I took it very easy...I'm not sure it's ready to brace a fall (heaven forbid!).  I didn't record my time to the summit, but it went by quickly.  There were a lot of tourists and I had to park a ways out.  The trip down was most annoying as everyone wants to run and I normally take it easy because of myriad tripping hazards.  Today I was extra super cautious which meant frequent pull offs from the trail to let whoever was nipping at my heels pass.

Regardless, it was so good to be back.  Next week I'll be at six weeks.  I hear Echo Canyon has finally reopened...

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