Saturday, April 19, 2014

Great Holiday Weekend Hike

Weather:  78°, sunny, breeze

Time to summit:  29 minutes

About this hike:  No new record but it was a sub-30 hike!  It was crowded with tourists and I was constantly passing/dodging them, but made good time.  One man called me a "Rock Marathoner".  Whatever...I'll take it.  My special parking spot had the gates open today, so no drama with parking, despite the main lot being full (of course).  Rain's been in the forecast for today, yet it was clear skies and bright sunshine.  I wanted to get out to Superstition Flatiron today, but rain was in the forecast for Apache Junction, and from the looks of Superstition at the Camelback summit, I'd say it probably was raining out there.  Hiking Superstition in the rain--been there done that too many times.

Saw an ex's car in the parking lot today, but not the ex...

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