Friday, July 4, 2014

History Repeats on the 4th!

Weather:  88°, overcast, very humid, sprinkles

Time:  32 minutes

About this hike:  This 4th of July is starting off a lot like 2012.  After a huge haboob and monsoon last night (and no power for over 3 hours!) the skies are overcast and murky over the Valley.  While finishing up my hike it sprinkled a bit as I was nearing the trailhead, so nowhere near the epic downpour and subsequent flash floods of 2012.

Thirty-two minutes isn't a bad time, but it's not a sub-thirty either.  That said, I stopped quite a bit as the humidity really got to me.  For whatever reason it bothers me more than 95° and sun, granted the cloud cover was a nice break from the sun's rays.

Parking was a breeze today at the Echo trailhead.  One very patriotic man was hiking in an American flag banana hammock--and nothing else.  I didn't take a photo; you'll just have to trust me on this one.

Was a great hike today. This one's for #MERICA!

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