Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Midweek Stress Relief

Weather:  85°, overcast, increasing humidity

Time:  32 minutes

About this hike: I can only think the heat and increased humidity slowed me down today.  I really expected a better than 32 minutes.

There were a lot of kids up there today, which I blame on the public schools being on fall break.  I realize instilling a love of nature/hiking in your kids is a good thing, but seriously, couldn't parents/scout leaders go to South Mountain or Papago--preferably trails that aren't double-black diamonds?!  Kids freak out at railings.  Kids fall and get hurt.  They're nearly as bad as dogs (which people continue to bring despite the ban).

Anyway, I'm just being a grumpy hiker.  I am continually thankful for our city's trails, mountains, and preserves, and the fact that parking at trailheads remains unmetered!

Overall an enjoyable hike and I got to watch the crazy clouds building in all around the Valley.  Word is there's a monsoon on the way this week...

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