Saturday, January 10, 2015

Picacho Peak

Weather:  68°, overcast, a few sprinkles

About this hike:  I've often admired the lobster claw-shaped rock that sticks up on I-10 between Phoenix and Tucson.  As one drives east/south on the 10, Picacho Peak becomes visible around Casa Grande and remains visible nearly all the way to Tucson.

The trailhead is accessed via Picacho Peak State Park.  The ascent toward the summit was moderate at first, and varieties of plantlife, including a fine desert grass, abounded.  At times it was hard to believe I was in the Sonoran.

Picacho soon turns very steep with numerous portions requiring hikers to pull themselves up along steel braided cables.  I did not have gloves for this hike...lesson learned for next time.  At times as I clung to the cables my fear of heights kicked in.  Regardless I persevered to the peak where a swarm of gnats awaited.  I enjoyed the views, took a few pictures, and quickly got out of there.  Best part of this hike was sharing it with someone special :)

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