Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Post-Christmas Piestewa

Weather:  70ยบ, sunny

Time:  27 minutes

About this Hike:  After a booze and carb-fueled holiday in Upstate NY, it was time to burn off some of those calories.  I just got back into PHX today, and with my ridiculously early flight, was going on no sleep.  Lack of rest didn't stop me from posting an OK time to the summit, all things considered...

I was hoping that being a weekday the trail wouldn't be crowded.  With many people and kids on vacation, I was very wrong.  The only parking I could find was on the residential streets just outside of PHX Mountain Preserve.

There was no Christmas palo verde tree at the summit this year.  In fact, the palo verde that I'm pretty sure was decorated in years past appears to be dead.  Regardless, this was a good post-Christmas hike.  And as a sidenote, there were multiple rescues today at Camelback.  With all the novices out there right now, I guess I chose the safer mountain to be at today...

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