Sunday, March 2, 2014

Another Piestewa Peak Record!!

Weather:  67°, very cloudy

Time to summit:  23:16 *NEW RECORD*

About this hike:  I planned on Echo Canyon today.  The parking lot probably wasn't full, but the park rangers had the "Lot Full" barricade up anyway.  They sat at their perch laughing at fools like me who were on the other side, desperate to get in.  After several fruitless attempts at circling the area I tried my secret little parking spot up the road.  The gate was closed.

Frustrated, I finally gave up and drove along Lincoln over to Squaw/Piestewa Peak.  Squaw was not nearly as crowded and parking was easy.  This has been an exceptionally bad weekend, and Saturday's downpour didn't make it any better.  I think a lot of anger and frustration led to me setting a new record to the summit today.

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