Saturday, March 8, 2014

Camelback Record!!!

Weather:  73°, bright sunshine

Time to summit:  28:00 *NEW RECORD*

About this hike:  The stop watch said 29:57 to be exact, but I stopped for a couple minutes because two girls handed me a phone and wanted pictures together.  That plus a bottleneck = a 2 minute handicap in my book.  Regardless, I am solidly under 30 minutes now, even with the Saturday crowd.

Parking was a disaster.  When the city re-engineered the entrance with a traffic circle I don't think they considered what would happen:  cars drive round and round the circle waiting for the "Lot Full" sign to come down.  A cop was stationed at the circle yelling at people to get moving.  And speaking of Lot Full, that stupid sign was up again today, but there were plenty of spaces.  I ended up at my secret spot, and unlike last Sunday, the gates were open and I got in and out no problem.

There was a guy who dragged a for sale sign up to the summit.  Not sure if City of PHX is selling Camelback Mountain, but if they are, I'd be interested in buying :-) .

All around great hike on a perfect March Saturday!

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