Saturday, May 17, 2014

Craving for Squaw Peak

Weather:  90°, breezy, sunny

Time:  Not taken. Knee is still bothering me from the Grand Canyon last weekend and I wanted to maintain a suitable pace.

About this hike:  For whatever reason I had a strong urge to do Squaw Peak.  Maybe because I wanted to visit Total Wine afterward?  Or maybe I just didn't feel like fighting for a parking space at Camelback.  Regardless, I went with my gut feeling.  Was an uneventful hike.  My right knee, and then eventually my left, are strained and killing me nearly a week after Grand Canyon.  I've done no running and have allowed my knees ample time to heal, so no way I'd let this stop me from my Saturday hike.  That said, I'm paying for it now.  

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