Saturday, May 24, 2014

Squeaky Squirrel on Piestewa

Weather:  80°, sunny

Time:  Not taken due to knee.  However, wearing the brace wrap my knee wasn't affected negatively by hiking Camelback yesterday.

About this hike:  Knee is no worse today, so I slapped on the brace and headed up Piestewa.  It was an enjoyable hike, and the mountain wasn't overly crowded.  At the summit there was a squirrel that kept letting out a loud shrill chirp—echoing back off the cliff faces toward Dreamy Draw.  I didn't even know squirrels could chirp.  I wonder if it was a mating call and if the squirrel thought each echo was an affirmation from a would-be suitor that they were in fact getting squirrely sex on today.

Knee isn't bothering me at all after the hike.  I still hope it heals, but the knee brace wrap is definitely a God-send.

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