Saturday, September 27, 2014

Monsoon Rains, Black Labs, Parking Woes & More

Weather:  83°, humid, partly cloudy, breezy, overnight rain

Time:  32.5 minutes

About this hike:  This one felt like a bonus...mentally I was prepared for the gully washer of a Saturday Fox10's accuweather kept forecasting. I awoke to sunny Phoenix skies and puddles from overnight rain.

Of course the Valley was very humid this morning, but I was undeterred from my hike...apparently a lot of other people got the memo too.  I took multiple circles around the parking lot before I  could score a spot.  Naturally a crowded trailhead parking lot means crowded trails. The time taken accounts for a large handicap.  We had children freaking out at the rails this morning.  I'm all for instilling kids with the joy of nature/hiking, but couldn't you choose something more suitable for their skill level, like South Mountain?!

Spent a lot of time at the just felt so zen and spiritual up there today.  I watched airplanes approach from the north/northwest and land at Sky Harbor. I took some panos of the mountains and crazy monsoon clouds to the north and west.  I tried to play with an (off leash, not permitted in the park) adorable black lab puppy.  I met some interesting hikers and we shared war stories about climbing the Superstitions.  All in all today was an awesome hike.  Can't wait to do it again :)

Looking north at Piestewa Peak, Mummy Mtn, McDowells

Looking south at Sierra Estrellas

Glad it waited til afternoon--but here comes the monsoon!

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