Saturday, March 21, 2015

Squirrely Piestewa Hike

Weather:  75°, sunny—felt HOT in the sun

Time:  26 minutes

About this hike:   Back to Piestewa for a second week in a row.  Even though Camelback will remain my all-time favorite, I just don't have the energy to fight the parking mess at Echo Canyon this time of year.  Parking in the "Beverly Hills" neighborhoods off Squaw Peak Drive is just so convenient.

The mountain was very crowded today and, while I made good time, I had to take quite a few rests.  Still, 26 minutes isn't bad.

Some friendly squirrels came to visit me at the summit and one guy threw nuts at them.  Hence why they aren't afraid of humans and probably are going to get fat.  It was cute to watch.

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