Sunday, October 4, 2015

Post-Rain Piestewa

Weather:  83°, partly cloudy, very windy

Time:  27 minutes

About this hike:  I awoke this morning to the glorious sound of (un-forecast) rain.  The wet weather was all forecast to hit later today or tomorrow.  It poured for a bit then the sun came out.  I was inspired by the lower temps to go for a hike.

Piestewa was fairly empty for a weekend morning, especially when you factor in cooler temps.  It was a nice hike and I made good time with precious few stops.  As is typical with desert soil, the trails were dry despite the previous rain.

Around the time I was coming off the mountain some very heavy wind gusts picked up. I was nearly knocked off balance a few times, but gratefully returned to the trailhead unscathed.  Clouds hung low around the Valley while the sun shone over CenPho.  There was haze to the south that I can only think was dust.  To be honest, with the wind gusts I'm surprised a big dust storm wasn't kicked up.

Overall a very enjoyable hike.

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