Saturday, April 2, 2016

Clear Skies and Trails at Piestewa

Weather:  75°, sunny, a little breeze

Time:  23 minutes

About this hike:  It's been a while since I've hiked. Really it's a combination of factors:  Spring Break crowds, starting a new (part-time, temporary) job, and helping with a move... Needless to say I've been kept busy over the past few weeks. Glad to see this little break hasn't cost me in the time/endurance department.

Regardless, I got back to Piestewa this morning.  For what I expected to be a crowded Saturday it wasn't very congested on the trails.  The summit was busy, but not overwhelmingly so.

We've been in a very dry stretch of weather and yet The Valley was the clearest I've seen in a while.  Pollution levels are apparently low, and even the White Tanks way out west were clearly visible.  The East Valley toward Superstition Mtn. was a bit hazier.

I parked in the "Beverly Hills," and upon returning to my car an old Toyota Sienna minivan was parked about an inch off my back bumper.  An inch may be a generous guestimate... I documented the whole thing and got the van's plate number, but it does not appear my car was hit...thankfully. Proves that no matter how carefully and far away you park someone will always find a way to try and hit your car :-(

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