Friday, May 6, 2016

Wild Animals and an Injury - Piestewa

Weather:  75°, sunny, windy

Time:  24 minutes

About this hike:  This was an eventful hike.  At the summit there were several friendly squirrels and chipmunks.  One squirrel was making me particularly nervous because he was too friendly and got way too close.  So I took my water bottle and sprayed him.  Instead of running away, he and his chipmunk  buddy loved it, and started lapping up the water.  I guess that's desert squirrels for you...

On the way down I completely lost my footing and slipped. I came down hard on a concrete/rock area right on my left knee.  I skinned the knee up and it's a little bruised, but I'm hopeful it's not a fracture (which would be a miracle considering how hard I landed).  I finished my hike and aside from a little residual soreness, my knee seems fine.  I even came home and lifted weights afterward.  Fingers crossed this is a non-issue after a few days of ice and rest.  I don't have time for crutches and injuries.  Typically I'm such a careful hiker, but no matter how careful you are stuff happens :(

Squirrel and chipmunk loving the water I sprayed at them

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