Friday, September 16, 2016

Aerie, Doe Mountain, Fay Canyon

Weather:  76ยบ, sunny

About this Hike:  I couldn't wait to check out the Aerie trail.  It sounded wonderful in descriptions.  In reality, it's a lot of flat typical Sedona scenery.  I hiked Aerie to where it joins Doe Mountain and hiked up Doe Mountain.  This was the best part of the hike.  But, Doe Mountain does have it's own parking area.

So that said, getting up Doe Mountain isn't that hard, but it is a fun climb.  On top Doe Mountain is a big mesa.  The views are wonderful and it's very serene and peaceful.  You get a great perspective on Thunder Mountain as well as a "Baby Thunder Mountain" (I really need to find a good topography map) behind it.  You can see into the Brins Mesa and Soilder's Pass area.

Back at the Aerie trailhead, I started down Cockscomb but quickly became bored.  I know about three years ago I did a lot of these trails along the Dry Creek area.  I checked out Boynton Canyon, but with limited time didn't think the $5.00 required parking pass was worth it.  Next time.

I ended up at Fay Canyon, which I did three years ago.  That time I reached the Fay Canyon Arch.  Not feeling so adventurous, I just checked out the trail and left.

It's been a wonderful week of hiking in Sedona / N. AZ.  I'm sore and with shin splints, hence why I decided to cut things a little short today.  All the weeks I've spend in Sedona, and I never cease to find new hikes and things to do in this town.

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