Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Devil’s Bridge & a Monsoon

Weather:  75º, stormy

About this Hike:  For the past two years every time I try to hike at famed Devil’s Bridge in Sedona I’m dodging a thunderstorm.  Last year the storm hugged the Mogollon Rim and dazzled us with a light show, but withheld it’s torrent until right as we reached the trailhead parking. 

No such luck this year.  I was hiking with my mom and threatening storm finally let loose right as we were waiting our turn to take photos on the bridge.  Big, cold, wet drops (likely soft hail) began to pour.  The surrounding Red Rock Wilderness began to steam from the moisture. 

The red rocks became wet and slick, and I feared being stuck at the bridge for a while.  Like a typical late-season desert monsoon storm, it quickly passed and the sun came out again, drying the rocks.  In the end, the unique landscape that the rain created, coupled with that awesome wet desert smell made the inconvenience worth it.

On the hike back a loud thunder boomer tore the sky open, but other than that the weather seemed to miss us. 

Stormy Near the Bridge

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