Thursday, July 4, 2013

My Patriotic Duty - Piestewa on the Fourth

Weather:  105° and dark

Time to summit:  ~40 minutes

About this hike:  This was my Fourth of July climb to see fireworks.  Surprisingly it wasn't very crowded.  I parked in a surrounding residential area, but probably could've nabbed a spot in the parking area directly in front of the Preserve's gates.  Speaking of, these were shut, but hike-in access was available (trails stay open until 11; it's parking that closes at sunset).

Once at the summit I could see fireworks from all over the Valley.  Scottsdale/PV had some nice ones, while Surprise, Glendale, and other West Valley cities could be seen off in the distance.  Indian Steele Park in downtown Phoenix had a decent show as well.

Trouble with watching fireworks from a distance is the lack of sensory experience.  They're small.  They're drown out by city lights.  You can't hear the booms and feel the reverb in your chest.  You can't smell the gunpowder (and have ashes rain down into your eyes!).

Am I glad I did this hike on the Fourth once?  Absolutely.  Would I do it again?  Not so sure.  On the way down I met some interesting people whom I assisted by lighting the way with my headlamp.  This scored me  a ride back to my distant parking spot in a Jag XF.  But that's another story...definitely a Fourth not to forget...

Indian Steele's Fireworks

I park far away--making sure I'm legal :)

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