Saturday, July 20, 2013

New Record for Squaw Peak

Weather:  87° sun and humid

Time to summit:  26.5 minutes

About this hike:  New record set!! Actually the stopwatch said 27:11, but there were a few slow hikers and I had to pause briefly a few times. I decided my adjusted time is sub-27 minutes and therefore a record. While cooler this morning than in the past, it was grossly humid. Rain must've fallen on the preserve last night, as evidenced by numerous large puddles on the trail. This led to swarms of flies and bees and made for an unpleasant stay at the summit, hence why I didn't rest long before heading back down.

Within 5 minutes of my arrival what seemed like the entire Phoenix FD arrived for one of those infamous mountain rescues. There was an older man near the summit who was covered in blood, but conscious and talking.

From bugs, to bloody rescues, to high humidity, this was a gross hike.

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