Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Camelback Became Piestewa Today

Weather:  76°, sunny, a little breeze

Time:  Not taken

About this hike:  Today was supposed to be a Camelback hike.  Unfortunately I got a late start this morning and by my 10:00am arrival the Echo Canyon parking lot was overloaded.  Cars were in the queue waiting for a spot to open up—seriously, on a Tuesday morning!?

I sneaked down to my secret location where closed gates greeted me.  Not one for circling the area, I did the unthinkable and gave up (on Camelback anyway).  I pointed my car west on Lincoln Dr. and headed to Piestewa Peak where on-street parking is abundant (and legal in most neighborhoods!).

Piestewa wasn't nearly as crowded this morning and I enjoyed a nice hike.  It was warmer than I would've liked, this due to my now super-late start and a potentially record-breaking forecast high of 89° today.

While I didn't officially keep my time this morning, it's safe to say I reached the summit in my usual 23-24 minute time frame.

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