Monday, March 7, 2016

Good to be Back at Camelback

Weather:  59°, sunny

Time:  28 minutes

About this hike:  The title says it all...After over a week's hiatus, I returned to trampling the camel's back.  I got an early start this morning, but the parking area was still pretty full at 8:40am when I arrived.  That said, a parking spot wasn't impossible to come by.

While the mountain was crowded today, I never encountered any bottlenecks.  Even at the railings I was able to forge ahead with ease.  On the descent there were even periods of fairly open, peaceful trails.

The views today were obscured by some of the worst haze I've ever seen.  Superstition Mountain to the east and White Tanks to the west were pretty much invisible.  It wasn't brown and dirty like smog, and it wrapped around the entire Valley.  I'm guessing this is tied to the cold front moving through?

Speaking of cold front, today's cooler weather is a welcome change from the record-breaking highs of February.  Not that I mind 80's and sun, but I also like to savor the Valley's short winter.  Here's hoping a little rain squeaks out of this weather system before the day's over.

At the time of my departure the parking lot was a very different scene.  The "Lot Full" sign was up, yet cars continued to stream in.  It was actually difficult to back out of my parking space.  I was like, "Seriously people, if one of you will just let me out you can have a prime parking space!"

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