Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cold FX for this Hot October Hike...

Hike time: 37 minutes to summit

Weather: 85°, sunshine.  Brown cloud pollution was disgusting over downtown today.

About this hike:  Pretty uneventful.  Crowds were horrendous.  I almost snagged a parking space but was beat out by a Crown Victoria (no, it wasn't a cop).  Ended up taking Park 'n Hike shuttle.  Mountain was crowded with frequent traffic jams.

At the summit, I had fun with the Coors FX app recently downloaded on my phone.  From a marketing standpoint, this app is ingenious:  users can personalize a brand by adding it to their own photos and videos, and convenient links for Tweeting and/or Facebooking are included (too bad it subsamples these images to death).  So yeah, it was like the Phoenix Lights of 1997 all over again...only this time an aluminum pint was seen shooting over downtown...      

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