Monday, October 22, 2012

Mount Wilson - Sedona

Hike time:  ~2.5 hours

Weather:  ~72°, party cloudy

About this hike:  This was a great and rewarding hike that is easily accessible in Oak Creek Canyon along AZ 89A.  I started at the Encinoso picnic area.  There are two points at the summit, one called first bench and one called the second bench...I think I only reached the first bench, but it was still an intense hike.  Mount Wilson is over 7,000 feet at the summit.  Along the way vegetation began to remind me of growing up in the northeast, with a variety of pine and scrub oak and maple.  The fall colors were contrasted with an abundance of evergreen, and I was constantly reminded that this is still high desert with aloe vera plants popping up across the landscape. 

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