Saturday, August 30, 2014

Celebration of Free Parking

Weather:  90°, sunny, breezy, notably less humid

Time:  33 minutes

About this hike:  It's going to be a hot one today and yet the heat didn't get to me nearly as much this morning.  Goes to show that humidity really is the factor that wears me down, because today was a lot less humid than my past few previous hikes.

Despite the temps the mountain was fairly crowded.  While parking wasn't hard to come by, personal space on the trails was a challenge.  A lot of out-of-towners here for the Labor Day holiday I imagine.

Last night it was announced that City of Phoenix is dropping the parking meter proposal at the mountain parks/preserves.  I am glad I wrote my elected officials and glad that citizens rallied on this one.  Yes, parking is a nightmare during high season in the winter.  But shouldn't we as a city celebrate these points of pride that visitors and locals alike come out in droves to enjoy?

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