Saturday, August 2, 2014

Monsoon is Here

Weather:  87°, overcast, humid

Time:  31 minutes

About this hike:  I thought cooler temps and overcast skies would spur me on to a 30-or-less time this morning.  No such luck.  Actually felt a little tired and had to stop a few times.  The humidity definitely got to me.  Was a little busier this morning (people taking advantage of cooler temps?) but parking was still easy to come by.

There was a neat looking mist enveloping the Four Peaks and you could just barely see their pointy tops poking up thru it.  Regretfully I planned to take a picture when I reached the summit (didn't want to stop and slow down my time).  The mist had turned into clouds covering the entire mountains by the time I reached the top.  Overall uneventful but good hike.  I never get sick of my Camelback :)

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