Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Calorie Burn Starts Now!

Weather:  58°, sunny

Time:  26 minutes

About this hike:  I got back to PHX this morning after a week and a half in BUF. What a great holiday it was, filled with lots of good food and drinking!

While I had access to a gym while I was in BUF, it's just not the same as hiking my mountains.  This afternoon I got back to it at Piestewa.  The mountain was crowded today with (I presume) tourists and lots of families with kids.  Parking was a challenge at the trailhead when I arrived and I ended up on the residential side streets.  By the time I left spots were open in the main lot though.

The  crowds and kids brought their usual challenges (difficulty to maintain pace, getting in each other's way).  That said, it was an enjoyable hike and reminder that while I had a good time at home (BUF), I'm home when I'm in PHX.

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