Monday, December 28, 2015

The Tree is Down

Weather:  58°, sunny

Time:  29 minutes

About this hike:  Camelback was busy today.  The last few times I've arrived and the "Lot Closed" sign is up I go park offsite (still not revealing my secret spot!). Within the 10 minutes it takes me to walk to the trailhead, the sign is down and traffic is permitted in again. Today was no exception.

Despite the crowds I managed a 29 minute time up, undoubtedly helped along by this sustained cold snap we've had in the Valley.

At the summit I was disappointed to see that the Christmas tree was already removed, although I'm sure it was drying out with all the AZ sun, wind, and dry cold air.

Very enjoyable hike this afternoon.  And I'm learning some cool new features of the S-Health app:

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