Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Piestewa Chopper

Weather:  43°, sunny

Time:  25 minutes

About this hike:  The Valley is under a festive cold spell right now.  Monday brought a rainy day, and then on Tuesday I was concerned about icy trails with all the rain + near-freezing lows.  Piestewa was a good bet today because the trail gets a lot of early-morning sunshine.

I chose a sweatshirt and long workout pants.  Boy was I too hot once I got moving.  Even when it's cold in the Valley it's not that cold—at least to this NY boy.  And all that rain didn't do a thing for the brown cloud which is still hanging over downtown and the West Valley.  Maybe that's why I felt some fatigue on this hike today?

PHX PD was doing some sort of practice maneuver landing their helicopter on a flat ridge near the Piestewa summit.  I had no idea such a feat was possible.  At least I assume it was practice; I didn't see any injured people on the mountain.  Regardless, it scared me at first considering what happened with a medical chopper over the Superstition Mountains last night.

All in all a great hike today!

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