Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Camelback Record Tied

Weather:  51°, sunny

Time:  28 minutes

About this hike:  The crowds they were thin at Camelback Echo Canyon this morning.  Spurred on by cool weather, I tied my previous record of 28 minutes.  That said, I did allow myself a bit of a handicap... Generally I always stop my time just before the I reach the summit at both Piestewa and Camelback.  This is to make up for slowdowns beyond my control (i.e. tourists, snow birds, selfie-takers—anything that blocks the trail).  So I know, I know—I make my own rules.  Regardless, I'm declaring this one a 28 minute time to the summit.

Otherwise, this was an uneventful hike, which is just the way I like them.

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