Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Clemson & Crimson Tourists on Camelback

Weather:  53°, sunny, windy

Time:  29 minutes

About this hike:  When I arrived around 10:00am on this fine Tuesday morning parking was easy to come by.  I looked forward to a relatively crowd-free hike up the mountain.  There ended up being crowds, but mostly at the usual bottleneck points:  hand rails, etc.

I noted that most people on the mountain today were tourists in town for the College Football Championship.  A lot of Tigers fans were licking their wounds today.  One group even unfurled a Tigers' flag at the summit.

Four Peaks and some of the surrounding mountains have a bit of snow on them which was very pretty in the morning sun.  (Some tourists stated it was just the sun reflecting off the rocks, and they would know best, right?)  I got some pix with my phone, but it wasn't easy since strong wind at the summit was blowing me off balance.  This was one day where I was not too hot wearing a thermal athletic shirt.

So for all my complaining about tourists (I was one on Camelback just 5 years ago!), I continue to do this hike in an enjoyable 29 minutes.

As I descended the mountain I noticed even more crowds on the ascent, most sporting collegiate athletic wear.  By the time a reached the parking area not a spot was to be had.

Snow on the Four Peaks

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