Monday, January 25, 2016

Yup, It's High Season for Tourists...

Weather:  53°, sunny

Time:  28 minutes

About this hike:  Upon arrival this fine Monday morning the Echo Canyon parking area didn't look too busy.  The cars that were parked must have all been rental cars though, because the trails were loaded with tourists.

I know this because of comments such as, "The guidebook warned that this is a very steep trail!"  Not to mention a lack of trail etiquette with the worst offenders stopping  to lean against the railings and chat.  This caused bottlenecks both coming up and going back down on this steep, tricky part of the trail.

So despite my frustrations, this was still a nice hike on a brisk, sunny PHX winter morning.  I gave myself a bit of a handicap on the time due to all the bottlenecks I couldn't get around, but I solidly tied the 28 minute record.  

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