Monday, February 1, 2016

Cold, Blustery Winter Morning at Camelback

Weather:  49°, overcast, very windy

Time:  28 minutes

About this hike:  There was something strangely delightful about hiking Echo Canyon on this cold, blustery winter morning in Phoenix.  Last night brought the equivalent of a January monsoon storm and today's temps are much cooler.  The wind has been relentless, meaning trails were predominantly dried out.

Today's conditions also meant far fewer hikers.  I chose to bundle up in a thermal, plus a wind breaker, and have to say I was not overdressed.  I only wish I had brought a winter hat.

The wind was enough to destabilize my balance at times, and clouds hanging over the McDowells indicated rain could be waiting in the wings.  Thankfully I never encountered any rain and the slick rocks that would come with it.  As expected, wind was the worst at the summit.  I paused a brief moment for a water break and then headed back down.  The descent was especially slow and deliberately careful.

I always enjoy these hikes with unique weather conditions.  Let's face it—in but a couple months it's going to be extremely hot hiking up Camelback (not that the heat will stop me).

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