Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Enjoying a Phab PHX Day at Camelback

Weather:  81°, sunny

Time:  29 minutes

About this hike:  On this day when we broke a heat record in the Valley I just had to go for a hike.  No biggie when you consider that I hike these same trails even in the summer (albeit in the early morning or late evening).

However, to really keep it interesting I chose an afternoon hike today.  Not necessarily my first choice, but I had business to tend to up near Camelback.  My hiking gear conveniently packed (and I'm a pro at changing in a car's back seat!), I headed up to Echo Canyon soon as I could.

Parking was easy to come by today, but crowds were fairly heavy.  Thankfully I was able to pass most slower hikers, but you wouldn't know it from my time of 29 minutes.  Warmer weather calls for more frequent hydration breaks.  I spent just a short time at the summit and then made my way back down.  Even from the summit I could hear my swimming pool calling my name.

So to summarize this February day—warm weather, a nice hike, pool time, and then chicken BBQ on the grill for dinner.  These are the reasons we live in the Phoenix Valley...

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