Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday Motivation - Camelback

Weather:  71°, sunny

Time:  29 minutes

About this hike:  The parking area wasn't crowded at all.  The trails had some of the worst bottlenecks I've ever seen, especially at the final vertical/scrambling section and of course at the railings.  By observing fellow hiker's clothing and their conversations it was almost certain they were tourists.  My guess is hotel/resort shuttles are the culprit behind crowded trails.

Despite the crowds I pressed on for a respectable 28:55 finish.  Often times I found myself having to take the longer way around large (stopped) groups of tourists.  I'm rounding up and calling it 29 minutes in this case.  I saw one lady in designer jeans with a cup of Starbucks in one hand.  This wasn't too far along the trail and I'm guessing she didn't make it to the summit.

Regardless, the temps were nice and it was an enjoyable hike to start my week.

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